Soap Properties and "Recommended Ranges"

In many soap calculators, including ours, you will see qualities or properties along with your soap recipe. Here is an explanation of what each property means.

Recommended Ranges

You don't need to reach the gray ranges in the chart. A recommended range is simply a range which many soap makers have found useful when making soap when it comes to the final bar/batch of soap. A mono soap may look terrible on this chart, but with the correct superfat, be a nice bar of soap.


The hardness or density of your soap. Higher number means harder.

Long Life (Longevity)

How long the soap bar with last. Higher number is longer life.


The Emolient quality of the soap. Emolients help skin stay moisturized and soft.


The bubble/foamy quality of the lather. A higher number means a less creamy, more foamy lather.


The creamy quality of the lather. A higher number means a more creamy, less foamy lather.


How much oil the soap will remove. A higher number is more cleansing. Higher numbers are more cleansing but can also dry your skin.


A score developed which combines SAP and Iodine values to predict a soap\'s qualities. A score of 136-170 is conidered acceptable. A score of 160 is ideal.


Lower number makes a harder, less conditioning bar of soap. Higher number is a softer, more conditioning bar.